Advantages of medical cotton wool produced by Campus Cotton Club

  • All the batches of bleached cotton fiber, which are delivered for processing on production facilities in Kherson, have positive conclusions from the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.

  • At our production in Kherson there is a production-technological laboratory that is certified in the State Enterprise Kherson Standard Metrology. We carry out a very strict control of the quality of raw materials, stuff and finished products.

  • We produce cotton wool from bleached cotton fiber, which was not subjected to any mechanical processing. In principle, we do not add regenerated fiber obtained from sewing waste or textile yarn to cotton wool. Check up: straighten up the cotton wool of TD "Campus Cotton Club", and you will not find any threads.

  • Cotton wool does not contain chemical fibers, only 100% cotton.

  • Suppliers of raw materials are only manufactures that bleach cotton exclusively with hydrogen peroxide, but not chlorine or its compounds. Auxiliary treatments are exclusively biologically active and neutral to the human skin, which means that cotton wool will not cause allergic reactions.

  • The cotton wool is pleasant to the touch, well-bonded between the layers, has a slight knotty. High capillarity allows to effectively absorb the secretion from the wound or bring the necessary medications to the skin. Check up: Put a ball of cotton wool in a glass of water. The ball should moisten in 10 seconds.

  • By harmonizing our technical specifications with the requirements of Eurostandards, we take under control such an important indicator as fluorescence. Cotton wool does not contain optical agents that cause fluorescence. This is a carcinogen that is banned in Europe. Check up: Bring a piece of the cotton wool to an ultraviolet lamp. There should not be a bright glow.

  •  It is important that the cotton fiber is well rinsed from the chemical residues. Therefore, we do control the foam height of water extraction. We have this figure is less than 2 mm.

  •  In each of our packages - the exact weight. Each consumer packaging is weighed on electronic scales of class 2 with an error of ± 0,5 g.

Кампус Коттон Клаб гарантує високу якість та безпечність всієї своєї продукції та несе за неї відповідальність згідно чинного законодавства України.


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