Disposable injection syringes Viola with needle

Syringes are medical instruments used for administration of fluids using piston pressure. The modern syringe was patented in 1950 by American Arthur Smith. I had a glass barrel, a plastic piston and a long needle made of stainless steel. A fully plastic disposable syringe appeared in New Zealand in 1956. This invention was of enormous importance in the development of pharmacology and medicine as a science in general. Syringes have become public and cheap, they have gained a wide range of use.

Injection syringes Viola have a number of features that enhances their competitiveness:

  • Three-component syringes (barrel, piston, silicone plunger).
  • The Dow Corning silicone plunger is used - the world leader in silicone products. Thanks to a sealant covered with silicone oil, syringes have high piston stroke functions; the friction strength of the plastic components (piston and barrel) is minimized, which reduces the patient's pain of the injection.
  • The barrel and piston are made of 100% primary polypropylene, which makes the syringe safe when contacting with different medicines. Increased consistence of plastic components to achieve durability during transportation and use.
  • The transparency of the barrel and the clarity of the scale make it easy to control the process of drug administration.
  • The needle is made of stainless surgical steel. Non-traumatic acute sharpening of the tip of the type "Lancet" minimizes the pain of the injection.
  • Insulin syringes U-100 (1 ml) are offered in two types: with a movable and fixed needle. Recommended for cosmetology for mesotherapy.
  • European and American conformity certificates are available, namely ISO 7886-1 (2) ISO 8537 FDA 510 (K).

Type of needle mounting to barrel cone - "Luer Slip".
Instructions of use is marked on each individual packaging.
Availability of intermediate packages convenient for transportation and use.

Production standard: ISO 7886-1: 1993, ISO 7864: 2016 and ISO 8537: 2016.
Sterilized: by Ethylene oxide.
Warranty shelf life: 5 years.


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